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Mattresses have indeed been used for thousands of years in a variety of forms and shapes. This is also where the term’mat’ comes from. Ancient civilizations constructed mattresses with an assortment of natural substances including feathers, horse hair and straw. Today, mattress technology is now cutting edge. New levels of comfort have been attained; making mattress experiences for sleepers even better.

The types of mattresses you can find online

There are innumerable types and types of mattresses to find in the market. Knowing the specifications of different mattress types will allow you to select what works for you best.

  1. Innerspring mattresses

These are made using a steel coil system for support. Here, springs are intricately connected to form the bigger support base. With more coils, the better the quality of the mattress. This technology is considered traditional. Having said this, it is still the most popular kind of mattress to many. Innerspring mattresses are a few of the most affordable; and this is one of the reasons why they are still popular. Below are other advantages;


  • They are readily available on the Market
  • You can choose the level of firmness as you desire


  • When They’re Starting to wear, the springs will create a squeaky noise which is unpleasant
  • They could do a much better job to handle pressure points and pain
  1. Memory foam mattresses

Foam technology is well known for its great comforts by sleepers. This makes them very popular on the market. They are highly snug and will take your comfort to a different level. Regarding relaxation, this kind enjoys excellent customer satisfaction feedback. Other advantages are as follows;


  • Relieves pressure points economically
  • Ensures that your spine aligns properly
  • Known to prevent aches and pains while sleeping
  • The motion transfer with the mattress is very low
  • Not prone to attack by allergens such as dust mites
  • Fits nicely in adjustable beds


  • No Significant demerits to notice, for low budget sleepers though, the mattress is not the most budget-friendly
  1. Natural fiber mattresses

These kinds are made using natural fibers instead of synthetic materials such as foams. Since they’re natural, this sort of mattress is pricier. If you are looking for a green way to invest your time in bed, this is the best means to do it. This is the most eco-friendly mattress option in the industry. Purchasing this mattress will literally lower your carbon footprint. You will find all manner of organic fibers to select from. All the natural fibers come with their own merits. For instance, if you’re searching for something lasting, organic cotton mattresses can last up to 15 years. Wool on the other hand is known for its great comfort and temperature regulation. Latex is fire resistant and bamboo is a superb resource that is renewable. If you want a buoyant mattress, you can consider coconut coir.

  1. Latex mattresses

These are a few of the most popular mattresses on the market today. First, latex is a natural substance that is durable and comfortable. However, keep in mind that latex products are not all made the same. In fact, many latex mattresses might be a hybrid of other materials. Therefore, knowing the sort of latex will assist you in the buying process. You can be certain that depending on the manufacturing, latex products will differ in quality.


  • The mattress Won’t require any rotation or flipping
  • They have little off-gasing
  • They mostly don’t use any chemicals


  • They are thicker and moving them can be cumbersome
  • They are more costly and budget buyers might not afford them
  1. Waterbed mattresses

Waterbeds were first made in the 1800s by a physician who was looking to make the life span of his patients simpler. The Scottish physician pioneered waterbeds in a bid to tackle bedsores.


  • Redefines comfort and can make your back more limber or flexible


  • Perhaps not the most portable option
  • Complicated set up process and can be prone to puncturing and leakage
  1. Pillow-top mattresses

This mattress technology is best known for the extra padding and layering it increases the mattress. They may be used along with other mattress technologies. Additionally, you have hybrid choices for materials including cotton, foam, fiber picture, wool, latex and memory foam.


  • The additional padding is highly comfortable
  • Retains its shape after using
  • Does not overheat and is washable
  • Has a quick bounce-back


  • Gives out a Small odor
  1. Gel mattresses

This is a technology that utilizes foam which comprises gel. There are many approaches to adding the gel in the foam and to this end, sleepers are supplied with better comfort and general feel. This type is usually fitted with features that eliminate overheating to control the temperatures. It is a good option when you are searching for a dynamic mattress that will provide you a high quality sleep experience.

  1. Hybrid mattresses

These are extremely common types and they comprise a combination of various mattress technologies. A steel coil system is combined with all manner of foams such as memory, latex and polyurethane. Foams that have gel can also be combined to make hybrids. The mattress seeks to increase comfort by incorporating many elements which make mattresses work optimally.

When should you purchase a new mattress?

After 5 to 10 years, experts advocate tossing your old mattress and purchasing a new one. However, the reality can be different. 1 major reason to buy a new mattress is to address your comfort needs. In case you have been struggling with back pain and standard sleeping discomfort whenever you go to bed, this is a good indicator that you may require a new one. If you are looking to upgrade and receive a new technology, this is just another great reason to buy a new mattress. In case you’ve had a mattress for near 10 years and it is still serving you perfectly, purchasing a new mattress might not be that necessary. If you are asking when is a great time to get a mattress, individual factors will apply. Nevertheless, once you are ready to buy, you will be happy to know that buying the perfect mattress online is possible. In fact, you can buy a cheap mattress online without compromising the quality.

What are the benefits of purchasing a mattress online?

  • The first and most obvious advantage is that you enjoy advantage. This way, you can eat less time because you do not have to make your way into a physical shop. Wherever you are, you can search for a mattress on the internet.
  • You can expect to pay less for your mattress when you buy online. Online, you can buy directly from the manufacturer or get great discounts from virtual sellers.
  • It is easier to get all the item information online compared to brick and mortar stores. In fact, you can take the time to find out more about the mattress without being distracted by a salesperson. In so doing, you are able to make a more informed decision on the mattress you want.

In addition, the mattress can be delivered without your supervision or presence; unlike in conventional stores.

This means that purchasing a mattress at a physical store doesn’t give you any extra advantage compared to purchasing online.

  • Online retailers are famous for their exceptional customer service compared to physical stores. With a great buying experience, clients will refer others and even buy again.

Downsides of buying online

  • Most online sellers will not offer old bed removal services
  • You do not have the chance to test the mattress before purchasing; however, some online mattresses do take a trail period

Extensive guide to Get the perfect mattress online

  • Research on the type of mattress you want

At the start of this article, a list of various kinds of mattresses were given. Examine the merits and demerits. Consider the features and specifications of each type. If you’re looking for something that will alleviate back pain effectively, determine what is likely to work for you. Narrow down your choices and make comparisons. When you have a better idea on the most acceptable type, move on to another step.

  • Consider your mattress budget needs

Know the price range you are working with. This will allow you to narrow down the list further to the most inexpensive type for you. There are various factors that determine the price of a mattress. The first element is the size, the larger the mattress, the more expensive it will be. Mattresses come in various sizes from small to super king size. The composition, technology and brand will also determine the total price. Take advantage of special discounts to get the most suitable mattress at the lowest cost possible. Keep a keen eye on offers and sales by online shops.

  • Get familiar with the policies of your online merchant

Some online stores will offer a full mattress service which includes the assembly of the product in your house. Other vendors will only undertake a front door shipping. Be aware of what the return policies and the charges they attract. If there are any hidden or additional charges, you should know. Many mattresses include a trial period. Therefore, get to know which manufacturer provides this and for how long. This satisfaction guarantee is important to getting the perfect mattress online. Also, examine the warranty information about the mattress, it can vary from two years to 25 years.

  • Read independent customer reviews

Search online for impartial reviews on the mattress you are thinking of buying. Get the entire feedback so that you can get a sense of what you are buying. Besides getting feedback about the quality of the mattress, examine the customer service at various online stores. By doing this, you can decide the best stores to purchase a mattress.

Guide to Buy the Most Comfortable Mattress Online

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