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Eating disorders tend to go beyond the boundaries of needing to be skinny with restricted-eating customs (most seem to get attached to their owner psychologically). That’s to say – the emotional element is often the instigator behind a woman believing she’s fat, overly fat, or even verging on the side of being obese.

Psychological factors often provoke an anorexia sufferer to behave absurd by restricting their eating habits; thus, causing an insufficient intake of calories, minerals, and nutrients, etc., the body so needs to remain healthy. Even starving by an anorexia sufferer is not such an uncommon practice, together with purging (eating, followed by forced/self-inflicted nausea after-wards). Other symptoms might include: obsessive exercise, and using laxatives to help themselves lose-weight.

So why does anorexia affect more women than men?

The”press” has much to do with anorexia, as each time one watches the t.v., or flips through a magazine – the something that becomes apparent is -“the perfect look,” where skinny women are”glamorized,” and obese women are”looked-down upon” (a element that could propel a woman [or child] into believing she may be looked-down upon if she does not exhibit the same perfect profile that the public asks for.

Girls are different to men with respect to beauty – remember, many women will not leave the house in the morning without putting their makeup on first (because of the fear of not being seen to be beautiful [a psychological factor that men do not have to live with]). Also, it’s quite commonly known – a man may have two or three pairs of shoes in the cupboard to combine with their garments, whereas a woman might have a couple of dozen pairs of shoes in theirs (a psychological factor for women, and considered an unnecessary aspect of life for most guys ]).

However, many of that small percentage work in what are considered to be”women’s jobs” by many men – dancers, and models, etc., and in which there is a need to be fit and slim (although they do exist – fat manufacturers and versions aren’t commonly called for from the public eye).

Some women are naturally thin/skinny, so no actual work is necessary in exercise and dieting. But for most of us (the audience ) that is not the case, and where not even with exercise and dieting would we end-up with a finely sculptured

Body as those that can be seen on the t.v., and in the many magazines that can be seen at the local paper shop.

Because of this, for a small fraction of girls, the only option to obtain the perfect body is to eat less. But a psychological factor seems to set-in on this journey where the perception of what’s perfect/slim/skinny gets twisted (at this point, less food is eaten, in order to become even skinnier – or more ideal because it is seen).

Also, subconsciously, an anorexia sufferer might even feel like they have accomplished something great by having the ability to control their eating (or at least that is what they believe they are doing).

It is thought that anorexia sufferers feel a wonderful sense of achievement since they’re able to exercise an extreme level of nourishment over what they eat (or more so what they do not eat) and their weight (other motives for anorexia eating disorders may be heredity).

Conclusion – The simple reality is that the media, tends to bring out the inbuilt weakness of a small fraction of women for the need to become perfect (beautiful), which is nothing more that a psychological aspect that is less important to men.

Anorexia in Women

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