About Koalas

Female Koala And Her Baby

The Koala Bear is usually recognized by its own fluffy little body and cute innocent looking face. Native to Australia it resides only in particular areas of Australia.

The Koala Bear isn’t really a bear, but thought to be mistaken as one by the European settlers in the late 1800’s. In reality its closest relative is the wombat, also native to Australia.

Interestingly there are no koala’s in Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania. The Koala’s in the south are generally much larger than those from the North. The Queensland koalas have a tendency to be smaller with less fur.

The basic diet of the Koala is Eucalyptus leaves which may grow in the tall gum trees of Australia or low lying Eucalyptus plants. There are many distinct varieties of Eucalyptus of which just several will the koala feed . The leaves are hard to chew, high in fiber and low in protein. Together with a low metabolic rate the koala must conserve energy and does this by sleeping up to 19 hours a day. When awake 3 of those 5 hours are spent eating.

Koalas communicate with bellowing to each other and although appear to be a docile creature, they can be quite vicious.

They have sharp teeth and claws that aid in climbing and chewing the tough diet they require. Rarely do they drink water, although will do this if absolutely necessary.

Breeding time is during the Australian spring/summer from around September to March. A koala can have one pup annually up until around 12 years of age.

Gestation is 35 days old, where the small pup is born blind and without fur. It makes it way to the rear facing pouch where it feeds off the 2 teats for the next 6 months. Babies will make their way out of the pouch about 8 months and cling onto its mother’s back. Sometimes a koala will have off its mother’s stomach. The infant is completely weaned at 12 months.

Koalas can hang out with their mother for about 3 years or until another infant is born.

Regrettably the koala is in decline, mainly because of urbanization that has caused the destruction of its habitat. Even though the koala is currently known as’vulnerable’ by the Australian government, its habitat isn’t protected.

Read Daily

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Do you read on a regular basis? Is it newspapers, magazines, Facebook upgrades or Tweets? It’s a good idea to read on a regular basis. For those who don’t want miss out on a great deal of benefits that reading may offer. Given below is a description of several benefits that you might enjoy.

  1. Mental Stimulation

It functions just like other muscles in your body. Actually, you need to exercise your mind should you want to keep it in great shape. Apart from reading, playing games like chess may also help you enhance cognitive stimulation.

  1. Stress

If you have a day job, you might suffer from stress. And due to stress, you may have a lot of different issues in your life. But a fantastic novel may take you into a new universe. In precisely the same way, a well-written and engaging article is way of distraction from the things that can give you stress. So, if you read, you can relax.

  1. Knowledge

Good books and articles can provide plenty of information. You never know when you might need this info. So, having plenty of knowledge can help you deal with the challenges you may have on your life.

Aside from that, if you discover yourself in extremely unfavorable circumstances, nobody can take away your knowledge from you. You may lose your job, cash and all your possessions, but you can’t lose your knowledge.

  1. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a warehouse of words which allow you to get your message across in the best way possible. Furthermore, your self-esteem will find a boost if you’re able to talk to your seniors with wonderful confidence. It may even help you with your career as individuals with better communication skills get more promotion opportunities.

  1. Memory

By reading books, you can train your brain to incorporate loads of characters and the background, ambitions, history and nuances behind these characters. Even though it’s too much to remember, human brains are outside all the machines that have been invented up to now. It is a very complicated organ in the human body. You may find it interesting that every new thing that you memorize makes fresh brain pathways while strengthening the existing ones.

This also makes your short-term memory stronger in addition to bettering your mood.

  1. Analytical Skills

If you can solve a mystery in a mystery novel without killing too much time, know that you have strong analytical skills. After all, it takes a lot of mental energy to process all the tiny details in a publication.

This analytical skill can help you when you need to review a pot to find out if it is well written and if each character is fully developed. If you ever get an opportunity to talk about the plot with your buddies, you can present your take on the plot in clear words.

Anorexia in Women

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Eating disorders tend to go beyond the boundaries of needing to be skinny with restricted-eating customs (most seem to get attached to their owner psychologically). That’s to say – the emotional element is often the instigator behind a woman believing she’s fat, overly fat, or even verging on the side of being obese.

Psychological factors often provoke an anorexia sufferer to behave absurd by restricting their eating habits; thus, causing an insufficient intake of calories, minerals, and nutrients, etc., the body so needs to remain healthy. Even starving by an anorexia sufferer is not such an uncommon practice, together with purging (eating, followed by forced/self-inflicted nausea after-wards). Other symptoms might include: obsessive exercise, and using laxatives to help themselves lose-weight.

So why does anorexia affect more women than men?

The”press” has much to do with anorexia, as each time one watches the t.v., or flips through a magazine – the something that becomes apparent is -“the perfect look,” where skinny women are”glamorized,” and obese women are”looked-down upon” (a element that could propel a woman [or child] into believing she may be looked-down upon if she does not exhibit the same perfect profile that the public asks for.

Girls are different to men with respect to beauty – remember, many women will not leave the house in the morning without putting their makeup on first (because of the fear of not being seen to be beautiful [a psychological factor that men do not have to live with]). Also, it’s quite commonly known – a man may have two or three pairs of shoes in the cupboard to combine with their garments, whereas a woman might have a couple of dozen pairs of shoes in theirs (a psychological factor for women, and considered an unnecessary aspect of life for most guys ]).

However, many of that small percentage work in what are considered to be”women’s jobs” by many men – dancers, and models, etc., and in which there is a need to be fit and slim (although they do exist – fat manufacturers and versions aren’t commonly called for from the public eye).

Some women are naturally thin/skinny, so no actual work is necessary in exercise and dieting. But for most of us (the audience ) that is not the case, and where not even with exercise and dieting would we end-up with a finely sculptured

Body as those that can be seen on the t.v., and in the many magazines that can be seen at the local paper shop.

Because of this, for a small fraction of girls, the only option to obtain the perfect body is to eat less. But a psychological factor seems to set-in on this journey where the perception of what’s perfect/slim/skinny gets twisted (at this point, less food is eaten, in order to become even skinnier – or more ideal because it is seen).

Also, subconsciously, an anorexia sufferer might even feel like they have accomplished something great by having the ability to control their eating (or at least that is what they believe they are doing).

It is thought that anorexia sufferers feel a wonderful sense of achievement since they’re able to exercise an extreme level of nourishment over what they eat (or more so what they do not eat) and their weight (other motives for anorexia eating disorders may be heredity).

Conclusion – The simple reality is that the media, tends to bring out the inbuilt weakness of a small fraction of women for the need to become perfect (beautiful), which is nothing more that a psychological aspect that is less important to men.


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Hypothyroidism. It is a term you often hear when people are trying to lose weight, but what is it, how do you get it and, most importantly, how can it be treated?

As this hormone is responsible for maintaining the body’s metabolism functioning properly, if you don’t have the right amount, you’re not only likely to experience weight gain, but a whole host of other symptoms too. Thyroxine is produced in the thyroid gland, a small butterfly shaped gland that’s situated in the neck just in front of the windpipe. If the thyroid does not produce enough thyroxine, your body’s functions begin to slow down.

Who is likely to suffer from an underactive thyroid?

Unfortunately women tend to suffer from hypothyroidism more than men, with 1 in 50 women expected to develop the illness compared to 1 in 1000 men. While it usually develops in adulthood, becoming more prevalent with increasing years, it can occur at any age and anyone can be affected, with some children being born with congenital hypothyroidism.

There are a selection of common symptoms which are associated with an overactive thyroidgland. These include feeling more tired than normal, weight gain, fluid retention, aching muscles, dry skin, lifeless hair and feeling cold, although you won’t necessarily experience all these at the same time. There are also some less common symptoms, including loss of sex drive, carpal tunnel syndrome and a hoarse voice.

How is it caused?

The main cause of hypothyroidism in the US is autoimmune disease, known as Autoimmune Thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s disease, where the antibodies produced by the immune system attach to the thyroid gland and prevent it from producing the correct levels of thyroxine.

An underactive thyroid can be diagnosed by means of a simple blood test which measures the levels of thyroid stimulating hormone in the blood. Higher levels than normal indicate that the thyroid isn’t producing enough thyroxine. It can also be diagnosed by low levels of thyroxine (T4). As soon as you start this treatment, you will have to take it for the rest of your life and you are going to need to undergo annual checks to ensure that the dosage is still appropriate for your needs.

You should drink coffee

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If I could think of a healthy drink that is universally accepted- it’s probably java. And it’s not just about the taste.
In reality, coffee is a kind of drink that drives people mad even when it is in its solid form or after being converted into liquid.
However, there are more reasons to love your coffee. Not only is this drink a treat to your nasal cavity and taste buds, but a real treasure-chest full of lots of amazing advantages.
Mentioned below are some of the major benefits of coffee for the human beings:
If you are a sportsperson or a fitness-freak and hit the gym regularly, just two cups of coffee are sufficient to reduce your muscle pains.
You may not know this but coffee also contains essential fibers and contributes to your essential daily requirement.
Coffee is also helpful in protecting the human liver from cirrhosis
It will help to lower the risks of type-2 diabetes.
It has been researched and demonstrated that coffee fans run lesser risks of heart diseases than another group
The DNA of coffee-lovers is exceptionally strong
Coffee is associated with longevity and helps people prevent premature death by reducing the diseases linked to it.
Coffee also cuts down the risk of several kinds of cancers.
Coffee is a excellent tonic for human mind and apart from cutting the risk of a number of brain disorders, in addition, it helps in improving the long term memory of the human beings.
Strong black coffee is highly effective to kill the tooth germs and additionally, it prevents the risk of cavities in the teeth. However, if you add sugar and milk to your coffee, the action is just the reverse. It leads to an increase in bacterial action.
The drink also regulates the flow of human blood and boosts the circulation.
Coffee reduces cellulite content in the body, which is responsible for producing some body parts an ineffective look.
It can behave pretty impressive to lower the risk of gout in men.
Thus, coffee could be among the healthiest drinks you could have and those who do not enjoy it, I am sure that you would turn a lover of this beverage after reading the benefits of the same.
It’s not only a pure head refresher but also a beverage that stimulates your entire body, thus increasing your capabilities utter naturally.

Keep Our Kids Healthy

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Psychologists have long believed that youth is the golden age of developing healthy psychology. All kinds of habits and behavioral patterns lay the foundation currently. If there is a fantastic start, the moral character of children can be reached in the future. Get nutritious development; If you ignore the child’s mental health at this time, then it’s more difficult or even impossible to expect the child to have a healthy personality and health psychology after becoming an adult. Relaxed emotions allow children to carry out various activities smoothly. Parents should keep their children in a state of exuberance. The development of young children’s emotions is characterized by vulnerability to disease.
To enable children to have a good psychological experience, parents should:
Set an example for children to imitate, and constantly infect their children with their positive mood.
To establish a harmonious and tacit relationship between parents in order to have a subtle effect on children. This is the truth.
Spiritual Investments
Emotional investment in children. The American psychiatrist Campbell suggested that parents must make corresponding religious investments to make children mentally healthy.
Respect and Independence
Study your child , make intimate contact with your child, and pay attention to your child. Respect for children, though they are young, they should also be regarded as a member of the family with a certain level of liberty, have their own emotions and needs. Lay down on the shelves of parents, and kneel down to talk with children to decrease the feeling of majesty, so that children feel that parents and their own are equal, to keep them a happy and harmonious relationship with their families.
Civilized Family
Parents should treat their children courteously and be civilized and courteous to their kids. Do not fight kids. Regardless of what sort of great or what the kid did, parents must express their congratulations. The right attitude of parents to children should be love but not spoiled. They are both strict and amiable. Fantastic quality, like working with individuals, social adaptability, etc..
Healthy Family
In short, to maintain and promote the mental health of children and to receive a Healthy Family, improve the general psychological quality of children, must focus on the creation of the physical surroundings, but also pay attention to the building of the human environment; this is, we must concentrate on specialized mental health education activities, but also penetrate into life All aspects; this is, to confront the whole, but also pay attention to a few of kids; that is, to pay good attention to the kindergarten, but also the attention and participation of family society. Only through joint efforts of all parties can we achieve good educational outcomes.

Teenage Years

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Educating the teens has been hardest in our educational system. It is the time when the child is embroiled in internal conflict as to personal identity, a time that there’s such an urge to rebel against the existing adult order; a period that if educators aren’t careful may result in a make or mar situation. That’s the time that children are more likely to take to medication due to peer groups and other aspects that goes beyond the scope of this write-up. But poor comprehension of what is happening to the teenager is bound to quicken their alienation to their surroundings, making them a victim to unusual influences. Therefore this article attempts to look at the adolescent and their spiritual journey in this material world.
I’ve said in other articles that the soul, the future owner of the body generally incarnate into the fetus at the center of pregnancy. It’s the period of the first kick of the baby in the uterus, and with the entry of the soul that the blood automatically forms. It is therefore safe to say that the soul forms the blood it’s going to use in the body. This is because the soul binds itself to the body with the blood as the bridge. Actually it is the radiation of the soul which connects with the radiation of the blood to keep it bound. Hence whenever the spirit leaves the body in death the body instantly dissolves. But that isn’t the topic for now.
It is as if it’s intended to be connected with the world but was not yet allowed to until the right time. That is why children learn just by imitation, because responsibility has not yet set in. They’re more like animals, evoking the origin of the body I discussed in the content Evolution vs Creation. That’s the reason they are closer to animals, and part of a child’s upbringing may include utilization of pets. It is also at this age that mostly people are able to see the forms of the forces of the elements such as the gnomes, elves and water sprites. It’s also the period when the connection of the soul with their previous lives is strongest. This ability wanes as the child grows older and matures into adolescence. Teachers must take into considerations of this fact so as not to hamper the natural development of the child. For a child who can see an elemental being and a teacher informs him that such beings do not exist but is a figment of his imagination does lots of damage to the child’s mind.
At adolescence, the bridge has become lowered for the soul to make immediate contact with the environment. Here the time of personal responsibility sets in, and there’s this longing for everything ideal by the individual involved. However, the ideal they envisage is glaringly contrary to the reality they see in the world. This is the cause of the rebellious nature of youth. And this rebellion can be taken to extremes, especially when, in the case of girls, books of romance paint artificial pictures of existence. The confusion among half-casts, which in real sense are racial misfits, is complicated by their dual racial ancestry.

Especially For Moms & Professionals

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I ask that you use wise discernment & take what resonates & functions for you & your situation & let go the rest!
Kids ordinarily do not recall the things you bought them when they develop. At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to your child’s success is the positive involvement of parents. Jane D. Hull
1] Notice how you go about your day, pause & breathe & consciously release what’s not working.
Do you rush through most things frequently thinking of these things to be done or how well or not well everything before went? If you notice yourself breathing very shallow or fast, I invite you to slow down & pick mindful breathing. This will open space to stop racing & rather be calm.
As children, we naturally learnt abdominal breathing. Somehow, we seem to forget that as we go through our life experiences & become adults. Not only will conscious breathing & being in this moment help you, you will also be a terrific model for your children on utilizing”pause and breathe” as strategies to help redirect & prevent meltdowns.
Do consciously breathe too to release any tension, stress or tightness you might feel. Also decide to release any perfectionism or control that things should go a certain way.
Thought Invokers are questions to reflect on & that frequently bring insight:
A thought invoker to consider: What can open up for you once you go worrying & trying to be & do it all perfectly?
2] Acknowledge everything you’re grateful for such as people, events, successes, learning, opportunities and items regularly. When you build the habit of appreciating people,events, & things more on a daily basis, you will find a heightened sense of joy! .
Practice appreciating & celebrating small joys & victories even with your own children. They’ll begin enjoying more instead of taking things for granted.
What you love, appreciates!
3) Identify & write your vision and intention[s] for the year and also 3-5 decades.
Then take the time to identify 3-4 daily practices that will support you fulfill your vision and objectives. It can be short & sharp OR if have more time and want to, then spend the opportunity to be more descriptive. Then allow yourself to feel the emotions you feel as though you have already obtained this vision. You will be motivated by the emotions of gratitude and joy on fulfilling your desired vision. Listen for your intuition and inner wisdom advice and take small steps daily towards your vision!
Always use wise judgement & modify based on feedback. You know yourself and your situation best. You may decide to share with your spouse /partner, a friend or coach for support.
4] Meet with other Moms with the intention to share, learn from each other, support and celebrate each other (physically or even virtually). There is significant research indicating that women feel a decrease in their stress levels when they connect, share and learn from others like them.
5) Take time out for at least one clinic that helps you be in observer mode & also nurtures you physically, emotionally and spiritually. This can enable you to release old limiting patterns & get you from habitually being in reactive mode. [which frequently happens to Moms / Dad / or frankly anyone who gets stressed!] .
Thought Invoker:
What one-two actions emotionally & /or fulfill you?
6) Taking care of yourself is not just important, it is critical!
Take at least 10 minutes [and if possible more] for yourself to take part in something you love and which provides you pleasure and where you forget time.
Thought Invokers:
What’s possible for you & your family when you take the time to invest in you?
What’s an activity that makes you believe you are in your zone?
Bear in mind the plane example-we are reminded to put our own oxygen mask then put on the mask for others including our kids. After all, what good can we do to others if we are not around?
7) You don’t have to do it alone!
Empower yourself with the support of a mentor who cares for and calls on your brilliance and natural gifts and abilities!
Find a trainer you resonate with & move forward on your desired results now!
Working with a Coach differs from working with a therapist, consultant or even a Mentor. A coach is also distinct from a friend who listens and also hopes & wants you to listen to them and support them.
Coaching is focused on improving quality of life and work and is a procedure for transformation & growth.

Mounted Mailboxes And Their Benefits

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Keeping belongings safe is a must. Because of this, more and more homeowners invest in storage things such as cabinets and drawers. Aside from that, individuals can also make use of other storage units to secure their things. As an example, when receiving packages and mails, it’s best for homeowners to get a mailbox.
There are numerous forms of mailbox folks can choose from. As of now, homeowners prefer to create use of mounted mailboxes. Naturally, installing such box can be stressful. However, this sort of letterbox can provide wonderful characteristics that can benefit you. To know more, below are a few of the hottest mounted mailboxes and its benefits.
Post Mount
One of the most common mounted mailboxes homeowners make use of is the article mounted letterbox. When using such letterbox, people are required to use a post and mounting board. As of this moment, post mounted letterboxes are made from galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance and durability. Aside from that, these boxes also feature a powder coat finish to make it more appealing. With regard to security, it is equipped with a lockable rear door. And, it’s extremely visible which helps folks send your emails and packages to your house easily.
Another popular mounted mailbox is that the fence mount. This sort of letterboxes can be mounted into timber, brick and steel fences. Other than that, fence mounted boxes are made of sturdy galvanized steel and powder coated for extra durability and style. In the end, a fence mount letterbox also includes a key lockable rear door for better security.
Finally, homeowners can also use wall mounted mailbox. This type of letterbox is installed into walls. Plus, it also features a weather protected wide mail slot for all your A4 email & documents.
Needless to say, there are instances when installing mounted letterboxes may be difficult most especially if you do not have the right fitting items. Fortunately, reliable providers can offer you fitting items that will help you make tasks simpler and more efficient. Some providers also offer other home improvement products to make homes more appealing and valuable

When There’s Little Growth

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How we treat ourselves in difficult moments says a whole lot about who we are. It’s easy to be on top of the world when things are going right and we want to hold on to the feeling hoping it is going to last forever. Yet when it does not, it feels like we’re bound to train tracks using an oncoming train headed our way and not able to move.
How we behave towards ourselves in our darkest moment’s lays the basis for who we become later on. Self-love is a tricky concept for many to grasp. I’ve had innumerable coaching sessions with individuals who find it hard to love and love themselves. They become entrenched into our psyche and nervous system and, if reinforced, are difficult to give up. However, difficult does not mean impossible.
Is this something you’ve experienced? By way of instance, how can you treat yourself when things don’t go your way? When your significant other breaks up with you or your health or finances endure. What is your inner dialogue during those times? I have experienced pain and suffering throughout my life in the form of losing my father to disease, a relationship break up, a health crisis and fiscal woes. There were times I found it hard to appreciate myself because of the despairing inner dialogue that convinced me it was my fault for being in this circumstance. I felt stuck, helpless and hopeless to navigate my way out.
It is why I wrote my first book because it was a theme I had been intimate with and new well. However, I recognized that being trapped in my situation wasn’t who I am. It was not the narrative I wished to live, nor succumb to. I knew somewhere deep inside me there was a presence yearning to express itself but I did not know how to get in contact with it. I wanted to love and nurture myself with compassion instead of negative self-talk. Gradually, I noticed my conditions started to shift and my internal dialogue changed when I started meditating. I was an anxious person then, but this shifted to a calm and peaceful person over the next several years. I dared to go deep into my being and connect with all the love inside me.
Breaking Down The Old And Tired Ways Of Living
The love within us expects you to come home to it. It’s your palace of refuge, a place that knows no boundaries, other than to receive you in its arms and awaken you to your authentic self. The self-love I speak of begins by recognising that difficult moments don’t last. To love yourself through difficult times when there’s minimal growth requires you hope that what is happening is doing this to help you let go of the ruins of the past. It’s breaking down the tired and old methods of living a new foundation of strength and love can emerge from your authentic self.
The spiritual teacher and writer Matt Kahn offers us the wisdom in his book What’s Here to Help You: A Loving Guide for Your Soul’s Evolution that love is more than an emotion but a wellspring of compassion that resides within us and our task would be to bring it forth:”From a spiritual perspective, love isn’t an emotion we feel all the time. Love is an unwavering depth of compassion and empathy that reaches inward to adopt our experiences-no matter how mixed up, shut down, unfulfilled, or overwhelmed we are inclined to be. When rooted in the vibration of love, we don’t need to be completely treated to bring forth the kindness and care that already dwells within us.”
There is a source of love within you that beckons you to connect with it. Don’t take my word for it since it appears on your screen. Unite with this loving presence by standing before a mirror and reciting the words:”I love you” the moment you finish reading this article. Recite them as frequently as you can because you are outside conditions don’t have to dictate the way you love yourself. The love I speak of is there waiting for you to come home to it. The more you connect with this infinite presence, the greater it’ll be known throughout your life. The way we treat ourselves through hard times says a lot about who we are because who we are is a power of love. If we make time to get in touch with this presence more frequently, we’ll realise that our difficulties serve a purpose; to return us to the wholeness of our authentic self.